CHN-PD Atlases(6-12 years old)


The Chinese Pediatric Brain Atlas (CHN-PD) refers to a set of age-specific MRI template atlases of the human brain derived from a Chinese pediatric population with an age range of 6 to 12 years old, which was developed by Dr Tengda Zhao at the Imaging Connectomics Lab at Beijing Normal University.

The CHN-PD atlases were created based on high-quality T1- and T2-weighted 3T MR images of 328 cognitively normal Chinese children using an unbiased template construction algorithm. These atlases are essential and invaluable for both scientific and clinical studies for the Chinese pediatric population.

Fig. 1 The CHN-PD atlases (6-12 years old)
Fig. 2 Age-specific CHN-PD atlases (one-year intervals)

The CHN-PD atlases have several key features:

  • Include both T1- and T2-weighted MR image templates and tissue probability templates, separately for head/brain (Fig. 1);
  • Contain asymmetric/symmetric templates and sex-specific templates (Fig. 1);
  • Include multiple age-specific templates at one-year intervals (Fig. 2); 
  • Compatible with the MNI152 standard space;
  • Show dramatic anatomical differences in the bilateral frontal and parietal regions as compared to the popular NIH-PD atlases;
  • Show a higher accuracy in both brain tissue segmentation and the prediction power of brain age as compared to the NIH-PD atlases in two independent Chinese pediatric data sets;


The CHN-PD brain atlases are freely available on the NITRC website: If any questions, please visit for help.


The following article should be referenced while using the CHN-PD atlases.

Zhao T, Liao X, Fonov V, Wang Q, Men W, Wang Y, Qin S, Tan S, Gao J, Evans A, Tao S, Dong Q, He Y (2019) Unbiased age-specific structural brain atlases for Chinese pediatric population. NeuroImage 189:55-70. [PDF]